The Edmonton Prospects Baseball Foundation is very excited to be back and involved in supporting baseball and softball in Northern Alberta

If you are not familiar with our Foundation, please go to our website at for further information. 

We are currently offering 2 Scholarships for baseball/softball players, please find the application form on our website and get those applications in as soon as possible.

June 14th Draw

Grand Prize Winner Todd Peerless $82.00

Winner two tickets Geoff Green

Ticket #1463 unclaimed

June 21st Draw

Grand Prize Winner Ticket #2241 Unclaimed $405

Winner two tickets Gayle Soucy

Two tickets Ticket #2177 unclaimed

Two tickets Ticket #2336 unclaimed

June 29th Draw

Grand Prize Ticket 1438 unclaimed $152.50

Winner two tickets Nils Pregitzer

Winner two tickets Marlayne and Von Britner

July 6th Draw

Grand Prize Winner Ticket #1136 unclaimed $272.50

Two Tickets Ticket #1450 Unclaimed

Two Tickets Ticket #1630 Unclaimed

Two Tickets Ticket #1510 Unclaimed

July 17th Draw

Grand Prize 2318 claimed

1323,1280,1502 all two tickets to a future regular season game all unclaimed as yet

July 26 Update on unclaimed numbers:

June 21 - #2241
June 29 - #1438
July 6 - #1136

June 14 raffle winner Tod Peerless $82.00

June 21 winning ticket no 2241 405.00 unclaimed 

June 29 winning ticket no 1438 152.50


July 6 winning ticket no 1136 272.50 unclaimed 

July 10 winner Shelley McDonald 207.50

July 17 winner Chris Burke 437.50

July 27 winner Tracy Mosul 137.50

Aug 3 winner Lindsey Price 355.00


If you have one of these ticket numbers above, please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to claim prizes within 30 days.