Ron Kittle Comes To Town!

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Ron Kittle To Headline "Edmonton Trappers" Day, Friday July 20

Prospects managing partner Patrick Cassidy takes great pleasure in announcing Ron Kittle as the guest of honour for Edmonton Trappers Day! Kittle hit a Pacific Coast League record 50 home runs for the Trappers in 1982 in what was then known as John Ducey Park. As Kittle enters RE/MAX Field on Friday July 20th, he looks forward to renewing his acquaintance with the baseball fans of this community.

After his spectacular year with the Trappers, Kittle became Rookie Of The Year in the American League in 1983 with the Chicago White Sox. Highlights from his rookie season include a whopping 35 home runs and a trip to the annual July All-Star game. Before his career ended, the right-handed slugger also played with the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians.

His career ended with 176 home runs, which he spread through 15 separate parks.

Still active in the sport he loves, Kittle serves as a special ambassador for the White Sox. The White Sox were Edmonton’s first major-league parent team and helped pave the way for dozens of Trappers who followed the popular Kittle into the majors. Some of Kittle's home run blasts still rank among the longest in PCL history!

Prospects Managing Partner Pat Cassidy has this to say: "I and the entire Prospects organization are extremely pleased and excited to have one of Edmonton’s baseball legends join us for Trapper’s Nostalgia night.  I met Ron Kittle a few years ago at a golfing function and I can tell you he is a great story teller - - funny, engaging, humble and just a very kind and generous man.  It’s little wonder the Chicago White Sox declared him their hospitality Ambassador and we would like to do the same for our fans on the 20th and 21st."